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Pils-Noir Featured on

By Jamie | July 20th, 2014


What it is: A 4.9%-ABV “black pilsner”

What it tastes like: Heaven? Angel tears? Rainbow-haired unicorn spit? Something like that. At once complex and completely understated, the lager’s crisp and zippy like a pils, but its trumped-up malt makes it exceptional: Subtle, cocoa-tinged roast vascillates with toffee and caramel sweetness that’s oddly (but awesomely!) evocative of a crunchy brulee. The swallow’s fast and a little hop-prickly with a nice, smooth toffee note that hangs on after the beer’s slipped down.

If you wanna get all technical: The beer owes its distinct malt notes in part to Old World lager-making, which involves traditional decoction mashing—that’s basically heating a small portion of mash separately, then adding it back to the rest of the mash to raise its temperature. Think of it like tempering eggs.

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