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Today we will brew our 14th brew

By Jaime | May 7th, 2012

gearbox inspection

Today we will brew our 14th brew. It’s been a good three weeks of brewing, adjusting, checking…and refining our processes. The photo shows Mark Finarelli (Lead Brewer) and John Gibaldi (Maintenance Brewer) inspecting the lauter tun gearbox. John has subsequently  inspected and lubricated the mill-related components again, too. We’ve been using Goldencold Lager to explore and contrast the fermentation performance of Suffolk, UK-grown Pearl barley ( a winter barley which is malted for us by Munton’s Cedar Maltings in Stowmarket) vs Canada Malt (Montreal) blend of Metcalfe, Copeland, and Newdale barley grown and harvested in Eastern Saskatchewan and to a limited degree Western Manitoba. Under the same mashing conditions, the UK malt does not ferment down as far as the more enzymatic Canadian malt…but we can adjust mashing to bring them closer. Pearl is part of the Stock Ale recipe along with venerable Maris Otter. In brewing operations, we have commissioned the filter and today hope to do the same for the Westfalia centrifuge. Then we can focus on our M+F keg racker. The bottling line arrived a bit over a week ago and is in place and being wired-in by Justin of Apollo Electric.


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