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We have had fine partner-vendors

By Jaime | May 21st, 2012


With kegged beer ready to roll out starting on Monday, we hosted our first Master Brewers Association of the Americas meeting at the brewery on Friday. It’s been great to have Friedrich Banke (pictured) with us over the weekend. Friedrich is a Director of BrauKon, and has a successful process optimization company of his own. Many of his engineering designs are integrated into our brewhouse. Markus Lohner suggested us deploying T-Control with a view to later upgrade to BrauControl…and it seems that was a good call. Our engineering decisions probably won’t sell us any more beer, but they do allow us to explore and express some possibilities that an artisan brewery can bring to the table.

We have had fine partner-vendors from raw materials to design, infrastructure, processing and packaging getting us where we are, but in the end it’s not the destination we might hope to arrive at that is important… but the path that we’re on. Seeing Ed, the owner of PRO Engineering troubleshooting with Mark and John the racker’s beer feed valve after the MBAA dinner was as gratifying as seeing our P.E. Kevin Smith in the corner with JVNorthwest’s Phil Loen reviewing weight load calculations for Phase II tanks, and Andres and  Friedrich separately reviewing steam utilization calculations between themselves hunched over the lauter tun…while Tom Thilert talked me through Schenck’s protocols for care-and-feeding of filters such as our own and at the same time Roy Johnson was finalising guidelines on the lab instruments for us. Guy, John, Mark, Mike and I had much more than an MBAA meeting at the brewery wrapped around a fine beer dinner; it was our brewery’s Bar Mitzvah.


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