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Explaining PDX wort boiling to the public

By Jaime | June 18th, 2012

Scratching my head. We have a unique British-engineered technology that boils the wort in our German brewhouse. It is very energy-efficient. We’re the first brewery in the world to be designed with it from initial planning…though much larger breweries in South Africa, Germany and England have retrofitted it in to retire their legacy wort heating systems. Explaining it to anyone outside of an engineer is a bit of a challenge to me, because you have to paint a picture for them of a more traditional internal calandria and its operation and then contrast PDX for a mostly qualitative explanation. I’ve told the PDX team that I have a simpler way to explain what’s occurring, pictured here. They are not amused. But this way I can talk about the nice stuff that make our brews what they are in production protocols and special malts and hops, and our guests have a humorous impression how the PDX reactor works than my crude invocation of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. (Photo Courtesy Prof. Sheryl Ehrman, who is Chair at the familiar and old halls at the department at the University of Maryland… and who might smile that the two subjects I spent the least time working on haunt me). The Brits have kindly supplied a beautiful graphic that we’ll display so everyone can appreciate the elegant beauty of PDX. And elegant is the right word. Visit us Mon-Friday at 3:00 or 5:00 pm, Saturday at 2:00. We’ll show you the thing.


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