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Tours on Saturday at 2PM & 4PM – Sunday at 2PM

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Free Tours

When: Starting at 2PM and 4PM  Saturday and Sunday at 2PM

Where: 635 South Main Street Pittston, PA 18643

We offer a free tours on Saturday that start  at 2PM and 4PM (Handicap-accessible).  We welcome groups by scheduled appointment.  See our Contact us page! Tasting our beer is a part of the tour!  You tour our brewing facility and sample our current draft lineup.  ‪#‎brewedright‬

Tasting Room Now Open!

Thursday 2-9PM

Friday: 2-9PM


Sunday: 12-7PM

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM






Attention 2PM Tour Saturday Canceled

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ATTENTION !! The tour at 2PM this Saturday July 19th 2014 is canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience !


Brewers for a Day!

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Whew, have we been busy up here in Pittston! Between bingeing on casserole and trying to figure out what to do with all these new pairs of socks, we’ve decided to give back to a few of our faithful followers. This year we raffled off the chance to join Mark and Guy in the brewery for a day of frothy creation. The raffle was hosted by SuperValue Beverage on Mearns Road in Warminster, Bucks County. Each week one lucky winner won some fresh brewery swag. From those who had previously won, the grand prize winner of Brewer for a Day was drawn. The winners ended up being a couple from Hatboro, Brandon and Kristen. They joined us on December 20th for a brew session of the Southern Rye IPA.
Brandon and Kristen are avid brewery goers with many local brewery tours under their belt.  However, they had never brewed before their visit to SBC.  That was just fine because Mark assured them that they would “be able to do [his] job by the end of the day; just don’t tell [his] boss!”  And so they set off to brew the Southern Rye IPA!

Pumpkin, Oktoberfest, & Sampler Pack display at SuperValue Beverage on Mearns road.

Pumpkin, Oktoberfest, & Sampler Pack display at SuperValue Beverage on Mearns Road.

Mark, lead brewer, (left) standing with Brandon and Kristen, respectively, on the brew deck.
Mark, lead brewer, (left) standing with Brandon and Kristen, respectively, on the brew deck. And, of course, Guy sitting on Brandon’s shoulder.

All wondering how they will ever turn that giant vat of hot water in to Southern Rye IPA.

All wondering how they will ever turn that giant vat of hot water into Southern Rye IPA.

Mark showing Kristen how wort clarity is effected by the vorlauf process.

Mark showing Kristen how wort clarity is effected by the vorlauf process.

Brandon using the Braukon system to move wort from the lauter tun to the boil kettle.

Brandon using the Braukon system to move wort from the lauter tun to the boil kettle.

Finally, Brandon adding the first bittering hops to the Southern Rye IPA.

A great time was had by all.  And remember, keep your eye open for more opportunities just like this one at your local bars and distributors which support Susquehanna Brewing.  This may be you next time!

As always – Cheers,





Tour Canceled 12-14-13

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Due to the inclement weather we are canceling our 2PM tour today. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Tour Friday 9-13-13 Canceled

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Due to this weekend’s Pa Oktoberfest our tour at 5PM on Friday will be canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Saturday tour will be held at the regular time  2PM .


Packaging Planning, PDX Redux & Energy in the Brewery

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AF_PDX reactor2

My colleagues invited me to enjoy a few days off starting on Wednesday to visit my parents in Florida as well as Cigar City Brewing Company, and the SBC production team managed well without me…especially Mark who stayed Friday until 8:45 p.m. kegging beer after the engineer organized by PRO Engineering called on us late in the morning; I hope for us to keg off some more Goldencold this week. The week of July 9 is when we have various packaging experts coming in to commission the bottling line and train our small team. PDX engineers shared the nice graphic of how the wort boiler they engineered for our brewhouse works, attached. Dr. Furukawa contrasts its 3-D boiling to traditional 2-D…that is, in alternative boiling strategies, direct conduction occurs along the heating surface and then convective heat transfer occurs across a thermal gradient to the bulk of the wort. It works in breweries everywhere, but burn-on can occur, as can fouling. PDX uses direct food-grade steam injection into an annular conditioning chamber and by nature of its supersonic transition phase, the heating is ‘3-D’ and burn-on cannot occur. Energy recovery off the vapor phase of the kettle is still possible for the future. We’ve made several decisions that allow us to explore getting more from our energy. I enjoy sharing these with people who come for our daily tours (M-F 3:00 & 5:00 p.m., Saturday at 2:00 p.m.). We very much appreciate Fred offering tours last week!


117 Years in the making: Public Tours commence June 1

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photo (81)

The original Susquehanna Brewing Company was started in 1895 by George W. Flach, son of a successful Philadelphia brewery owner. Two years later the company was purchased by the Stegmaier Brewing Co. which operated it as their ale and porter brewery. By 1902, Charles Stegmaier passed on brewery management issues to his sons, Christian E., Fred and George. He died in 1906 at the age of eighty-five. 1910 brought the last addition to SBC when the family added a three-story bottling hall and were producing just under 40,000 barrels per year. The brewery closed at Prohibition and was not brought back on-stream after Repeal…but their large Wilkes-Barre brewery was expanded to more than make up for the retired capacity and capability. So it’s something to open up the reincarnation of Susquehanna Brewing Company to the public.

Complimentary brewery tours commence on June 1 at 3:00 and 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday and at 2:00 on Saturdays. We have to limit our sample sizes for obvious insurance reasons but we’re hoping to offer for our visitors small sample bags of fine malt flour to take away. I find fascinating what Orval, Lefebvre and De Koninck do for their visitors in offering them ahabbit’, or a yeast shot. A yeast shot that is poured alongside, after filling the beer glass. Some visitors choose to combine the two but with our two strains, the yeasts each carry different notes along with their common big yeastiness. Some of our beer savvy guests have really enjoyed sampling the beer yeast, or ‘barm beer’. My colleagues smile that this extra effort requires a special fridge and special shot glasses to honor a Belgian tradition and make it part of ours, but it also means extra work and diligence for the team. So we’ll see!


We have had fine partner-vendors

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With kegged beer ready to roll out starting on Monday, we hosted our first Master Brewers Association of the Americas meeting at the brewery on Friday. It’s been great to have Friedrich Banke (pictured) with us over the weekend. Friedrich is a Director of BrauKon, and has a successful process optimization company of his own. Many of his engineering designs are integrated into our brewhouse. Markus Lohner suggested us deploying T-Control with a view to later upgrade to BrauControl…and it seems that was a good call. Our engineering decisions probably won’t sell us any more beer, but they do allow us to explore and express some possibilities that an artisan brewery can bring to the table.

We have had fine partner-vendors from raw materials to design, infrastructure, processing and packaging getting us where we are, but in the end it’s not the destination we might hope to arrive at that is important… but the path that we’re on. Seeing Ed, the owner of PRO Engineering troubleshooting with Mark and John the racker’s beer feed valve after the MBAA dinner was as gratifying as seeing our P.E. Kevin Smith in the corner with JVNorthwest’s Phil Loen reviewing weight load calculations for Phase II tanks, and Andres and  Friedrich separately reviewing steam utilization calculations between themselves hunched over the lauter tun…while Tom Thilert talked me through Schenck’s protocols for care-and-feeding of filters such as our own and at the same time Roy Johnson was finalising guidelines on the lab instruments for us. Guy, John, Mark, Mike and I had much more than an MBAA meeting at the brewery wrapped around a fine beer dinner; it was our brewery’s Bar Mitzvah.


So Who Are the BrauKon Folks?

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I’ve had a few brewers ask me about our engineers and suppliers from Germany. Frankly I never heard of BrauKon until some time ago when Eddie shared that their Principal (Markus Lohner) had made many trips to see them at this site and he had worked up quotes for turnkey breweries and specific brewhouses in different sizes. In late December 2010 I took a few days off of vacation time on behalf of my friends here and made a trip to visit them, and combined that with some brewery visits in Austria and Germany, a Ug99-related grains meeting, and I also brought along my son José who had just finished his first semester at Drexel University.  I enjoyed two full days with BrauKon’s team in Truchlaching and at a Bavarian brewhouse they installed whose owner, Thomas Kaiser, was the nicest and most welcoming fellow. Thomas’ girlfriend runs the packaging line of the brewery that’s been in his family for generations.

BrauKon were fully behind the odd requirements we brought in: the need for a decoction kettle but also for enhanced upward infusion mashing, the need for a hopjack/hopback, the changes needed to accommodate endosperm mashing with a foremasher at the mash mixer and a husk drop into the lauter tun but also second drop to mash mixer for future uses. The biggest challenge was that we were deploying a small but unique pdx wort heater fabricated in Cambridge and shipped from England to BrauKon…it represented a complex change, but they managed it well.

Ed, Fred and Mark committed to BrauKon in January 2011 and the systems arrived in November. At key times the brewery has enjoyed having their professionals visit us to answer questions from ourselves and our installation professionals managed by Pickett Construction and Apollo Electric. The nicest folks, too. As we get towards commissioning and dialling-in, BrauKon will be on the scene working alongside pdx and Buhler and leading the efforts as Guy, Mark, and our maintenance staffer (to be announced soon) I get trained up.

First we have to commission the boiler this week and the primary refrigeration system in maybe 10 days. The secondary system is tested and will be cooling the hop room when all our US hop bales and pallets of pellets arrive late this week and the European shipments arrive in three weeks. We have enough German and Czech hops to start us out in brewing before the rest arrive. Our Lead Brewer starts his first day next week and the maintenance pro starts up 2 weeks later.  But without BrauKon leadership, nothing would be happening. We’re looking forward to welcoming some visiting brewers form the midwest who recommended to us the chain-drive vendor we selected for the husk system…they want to see a BrauKon brewhouse up close.


The Mill

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Just finished cleaning the Mill with Kevin Mac. The Mill was the first piece of equipment we received at the brewery, back in April 2011. It has to be converted for endosperm mashing, a unique approach to milling malt that is used only in a handful of breweries in the world, with the concentration being in the Austrian Alps. We will separate the husk from the starch (the endosperm) and add it in the lauter tun. No one else in the USA does this. Now to see all the pieces of equipment coming together is amazing.