We’re beer people. It’s in our blood. 6th generation and going strong.

Back before it was hip to brew beer, our grandfathers’ grandfathers spent time crafting the perfect, drinkable beer right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. The beer brewing torch has been passed down, and now it’s our turn. To make the kind of beer you can enjoy all day long, if you’re so inclined. And we have to admit, sometimes we are very, very inclined.

We brew our beer for the good people of northeastern Pennsylvania. We work hard. We hang out on the weekends. We tell good stories and laugh a little bit too loud . And while not everyone knows the difference between a pilsner and a lager, that’s okay. Because they certainly know what tastes damn good. And what doesn’t. They can go ahead and leave the rest up to us. We won’t let them down.


Susquehanna Brewing Company delivers prosperity and enjoyment to our Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) customers and consumers through our quality, craft beers made locally in an environmentally responsible fashion.


To have Susquehanna Brewing Company brew some of the most sought after craft beers in Pennsylvania with a reputation that extends nation-wide, make our Pittston brewery a ‘must-see’ place of pride in our community, and enhance the stature of NEPA.