Behind the Scenes


The German brewhouse is in the process of being tied in and we will do initial brewing soon. The efficient Boiler in its special room is ready to be commissioned.

Our plan is to commence filling kegs, 1/6-bbl and 1/2 bbl, for sales in the local area only. We will receive the packaging line and tie that in as soon as possible. We will begin with three beers, which you can learn a little about on the What We’re Brewing page. Other beers will quickly follow, a palette of Seasonals and special brews.

The brewery has installed specific components to produce specific kinds of beer: a decoction cooker for making lagers using a mashing technique rarely found today, and not used in other artisanal breweries. The hopjack is for special ales, and allows a brief scald of wort on whole-cone hops to extract hop aromas immediately before the wort is cooled and sent to the fermenter.

SBC is the first brewery with a designed ‘native-install’ of PDX wort boiling, the most efficient wort boiling possible. The team traveled to England to see the first two commercial installations of the PDX wort boiler at Britain’s oldest brewery, the family brewery Shepherd Neame. The system was later installed in a very large brewhouse in Germany owned by the Radeburger Group. PDX significnatly reduces the amount of steam energy consumed in boiling wort. The only way to achieve its efficiency without PDX is to install additional add-ons for energy recovery….SBC thought to simplify energy minimization and have its brewhouse design integrate PDX. We purchased and installed the most efficient steam boiler we could acquire, the Miura LX-200.

And our visitors will discover our other energy-conserving investments when they take the tour!