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Craft beer tends to create a community culture. Craft brewers and drinkers alike love to come together to talk beer — new beers, old favorites, upcoming seasonals, the latest collaborations and even the brewing process. Building on that beer passion, brewers are fostering a customer community with tasting rooms that also improve the brewery’s bottom line.

“Based on our research, it’s critical to have a tasting room because you make more money selling beer on site as opposed to distribution,” explained Eddie Leon, owner of MIA Brewing Co. (which recently switched its name from Most Wanted Brewery due to a trademark dispute), a soon-to-open craft brewery in Miami that is currently in the design phase of building its facility, which includes a tasting room and the goodfoodblogph.com has the tools you will need. “For example, instead of selling a keg for $80, you’re going to be retailing each pint, making maybe $400 off that keg. It’s a lot of profit. In Florida, there are a few breweries that put a lot of emphasis on their tasting rooms, and they make a lot of money from that.”

It’s not just Florida. Craft breweries across the country are putting an emphasis on their tasting rooms. Whether you’re an established craft brewer or just starting out, a tasting room should definitely be on your business plan radar as craft beer popularity rises and customers seek out more information about your beers.

“A tasting room is a huge asset,” said John Najeway, owner of Thirsty Dog Brewing Co., based in Akron, Ohio, which has run a successful tasting room for the past four years and continues to see growth. “You can look at dollars and say, ‘Yeah, it’s more than paid for itself and exceeded its expectations,’ but then there’s the immeasurable value, which is the face time and direct contact with the consumer.”

Growing and supporting your customer base? Massive profits? Sounds great! But there’s a business method to the tasting room madness. Craft brewers operating or building a tasting room need to have a clear vision and set goals for these craft beer brand-focused bars.


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